Pop And Protest

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Music has the power to reach millions of people and influence the way we think, feel and act. With every significant event I have encountered in my life I can think of a song that helped me through it. A bad break up, being homesick, everyday stresses of life, music helped me to express my feelings and gave me power over my problems. Musicians have the ability to use lyrics to spread awareness and influence change. Pop and protest is a film that shows how music is used as a tool to create change and spread awareness on a variety of issues. This film showcases music from times in america that were very controversial and provided an outlet for people's frustrations. The civil rights movement, the vietnam war, and the war on AIDS are a few of…show more content…
“Bring them Home,” Seeger shows how these men involved in this war are our brothers, sons, and fathers. He shows how this war is sending our loved ones out to die, and if we want to save ourselves and our family we must send them home and prevent any more from leaving to fight in the war. Edwin Starr's song “War,” has a line that delivers a very powerful message that resonates in the hearts of many, “war can’t give life, it can only take it away.” This time was a time of peace and love, with hopes of unification. Musician Sly came out with a song “everyday people” that brings everyone together regardless of race and gender and identifies us a one. We are all the same regardless of shape, size, color, religion. We are all brothers and sisters that are capable of living together…show more content…
Rap has been an outlet for for many artist to express themselves and raise awareness about the social struggles faced by young African Americans. Rappers like N.W.A, Ice cube, and Tupac have made music that sheds light on issues like police brutality and racial profiling. Like Tupac said,” Keep your head up.” He is telling people to stay positive and keep pushing. Hard times come and go but how you overcome these hurdles is what makes you a better stronger
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