Pop Art And Its Influence On American Culture

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“If Pop art was a from of realism, it was a realism that represented the ways American consumer culture had altered the perception of reality itself. Pop artists imagined themselves confronting a world in which the scale and compass of consumer capitalism, with its near-total saturation of society, exceeded traditional perceptual structures (Miller 598). Pop Art movement took place in various cities but mainly in New York in the sixties and became popular within two or three years. Artist from this movement worked on “imagery originally created for the base amusement of lowbrows” (Scherman 68). This movement took place to get rid of boundaries between “high” art and “low” culture. I think the artist’s concept behind their work to show everyone that there is no hierarchy of culture. Pop Art was mainly about using other artists work and adding their own influential characteristics to it. The three commonly known artist from Pop Art movement were Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol, and James Rosenquist. Roy Lichtenstein lived in the Jersey suburbs and was an art professor at Rutgers University. At the age 37 Roy “was smuggling comic-strip characters into his otherwise unremarkable abstractions when it hit him: Why not make paintings that look just like comic books” (Scherman 71). He was even sued for copying others work but people didn’t notice that it was slightly different from Lichtenstein started painting comic-book characters because he was “desperate” and “it was hard to

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