Pop Culture And Instruction Of Music Education

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Pop-Culture and Instruction in Music Education In the age of the Internet and social media, current events and pop-culture phenomena’s are literally at our fingertips and because of that the question arises, “Should we include references to pop-culture and current events in the classroom?” More specifically, “should these topics be included in the music classroom?” This has caused some debate between music educators many questioning if there is even a need to include current events in the classroom discussion. In this paper, the author will attempt to shed light on those two viewpoints, as well as discuss the benefits of both the inclusion and exclusion of pop-culture in the music classroom.
In this paper the author will be using the definition of pop-culture found on Dictionary.com, which defines the term as “contemporary lifestyle and items that are well known and generally accepted, cultural patterns that are widespread within a population” (CITE). Depending on the location of a classroom or school, an educator may have differing pop-culture references that he or she may use in the classroom. For the sake of consistency, this paper will include the use of North American pop-culture references, however these examples may not be relevant to readers outside of this region.
Reasons for the inclusion of pop-culture in the music classroom
The two main schools of thought are those who oppose the inclusion and those who approve of the inclusion. Those in favor of the use of pop…

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