Pop Culture And Its Effect On Society

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Popular culture has manifested itself in a number of ways. Currently, the most commonly used method of spreading and exchanging opinions, ideas, art, and other concepts is through the internet. Never before has it been so easy to shed light on a person or an idea, giving it levels of popularity that were considered inconceivable in ages past. In many circumstances the way people are portrayed through pop-culture is most likely how they were perceived by the bulk of people. Pop/culture serves as a way to connect people; help them relate to one another over shared opinions and interests. It was and is the representative of the majority. But what of the times before the internet? How was pop-culture expressed in a time when people did not have the ability to express their thoughts and opinions with millions at a time almost instantaneously? Theatre is one of the most time-honored means of entertainment. Before television and computers and the internet, actors would don a costume and tell act for masses of people. It was a form of storytelling that was not limited to the literate or rich or the scholars, but could be enjoyed by anyone form any economic background. Through it we can see our history and opinions in the form of characters, plots, and settings. We can observe the changing of mainstream opinions through the common themes and recurring motifs in the most popular plays.
This is particularity true in regards to females in theatre. Throughout the years we…
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