Pop Culture: Article Analysis

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The article makes a lot of good points about how songs remain at the center of the cultural conversation. It expands the discussion from different perspectives, and utilizes many examples from different artists. There are some points that I totally agree with. The article compares the nowadays music industry to the music industry from decades ago. According to the article, “Maybe decades ago you could aim your songs at a mass market, but music does not really have one of those anymore. Artists have to figure out whom they’re speaking to and where they’re speaking from. The rest of us do the same. For better or worse, it’s all identity now”. This statement is very straight to the point and shows us the how nowadays music industry is positioned. Racial and Ethnic identity have been firmly linked with music. Many people are under the impression that black people should always rap, and white people play rock’n’roll, while Asian play sort of “soft music”. Nowadays, in order to for the artists to make sales and get onto the chart, they have to know their racial identity; if he/she is black, he/she has to rap. There is no denying that rap is the symbol of the black artists. On the contrary, if…show more content…
There is a good point that tells the truth of nowadays music business. When Future was asked why did not want to do press, he said, “I’m trying to give you the real me, but they want me to be fake, so I’d rather not even say nothing”. This is very common in the music business; the publicists always “package” the artists in the way that the public would like. As a result, many artists say things that they do not want to say and do things that they do not want to do. Many of them have been faked and are not the people who they originally are. It is challenging to achieve accomplishments both commercially and musically. Many of the artists have to fake themselves to make more sales; they have to sacrifice being the true
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