Pop Culture Has Influenced The American Way

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Pop culture has always influenced the American way. In fact, there is a saying that politics is downstream from culture. What this means is that laws, policies, and guidelines that the government enforces are all influenced by what is being said and done in pop culture. It may be hard to see this example today, but there were certain parts in time where this idea could be easily seen. One of these eras was the 1960s. The 1960s was filled with turbulence. This is because of all of the significant events happening during this time period: the arms race, the space race, the burst of new innovations, and the Cold War. During all of these events, a revolution was beginning in the states. Many people saw what was wrong with the United States, and strived to change it. This is how all sorts of movements began to take place during this time period, like the civil rights movement. All of these movements were to promote social justice. Some pop culture icons of the time voiced their thoughts about this social justice. Three of these icons were influential musicians. These musicians are Janis Joplin, Marvin Gaye, and Bob Dylan.
The first of these influential musicians is Janis Joplin. To understand her beliefs and how she became such an inspiration, it is important to look at her upbringing. Janis Joplin was born in Texas in 1943. She was raised in a middle-class family during a period of time when racial segregation was prominent. Seeing segregation as an evil that must be gotten
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