Pop Hop And The Hip Hop

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Through a multiperspectval lens the ladies in the hip-hop industry have to work extra hard to be seen as artist instead of just their sex. People that are involved in Hip-hop feminism in the industry draw on the strengths of both the feminist legacy and of the contemporary movement hip-hop. Hip-hop and black feminism have intertwined and evolved together to create its own self-identification and political sphere, that emphasizes the personal is the political, however, there is still a divide between women who embrace feminism, yet try to keep a distance from hip-hop and vice versa. The themes in the films and readings show the U.S. contemporary audiences need to accept the new representation of the female roles as successful and…show more content…
Instead of viewing the women of these videos just as vixens, mass media should promote to young women to be smart, respected, strong women instead of just being sexual objects for the male gaze. Kellner’s article has a multiperspectival approach to cultural studies within his three elements to youth subculture through production distribution, textual analysis, and audience reception for the use in media culture.
Hip-hop feminists are using feminism to draw a critique from the social, political, economic structures that shape their lives and give rise to the mainstream violent misogynist music. In the DVD we watched in class, Say My Name, they are aware that being a woman in hip-hop culture that they are at an extreme disadvantage when it comes to be respected at lyrists. Women in hip-hop are seen as sexual objects and it is rare when you see a rapper talking about respecting a woman in his music. These women believe that hip-hop is a tool for social change and these hip-hop feminists can spread their message of critical analysis and empowerment through their lyrics. They want to stay true to themselves by not rapping about what the media wants to hear or what sells, but rather an intersection of class, race, and gender that has a special meaning to them. Another example of hip hop feminism in the film is when the females that were
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