Pop Music Has A Long Established History

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Pop music has a long established history of proving their unoriginality and offenses through cultural appropriation. For some odd reason having money, fame, personal resources and being white come together to create a barrier around artists who believe they have the freedom to do whatever they want, with the exception of breaking the law. Instead they just weasel their way into another cultures ways and get to slap a sticker on it and call it their own. Major white pop artists from the past and present have always got called 'edgy ', 'cool ', or 'hip ' for something that a person of color would be called 'ghetto ', 'trashy ', or not get acknowledged at all for. The fact of the matter is in the eyes of pop music 'white is always right '. Which bring me to this thought: in what ways does intersectionality affect white artists and the communities of color whom they culturally appropriate? In this paper I will address how current rap/pop artist Iggy Azalea edginess is not "the realist", while comparing her to another queen of appropriation, Madonna, and explain how these women use their benefits of race, gender, uprising, and stardom, to excuse themselves from stealing from other cultures without giving any means of acknowledgement. Iggy Azalea, was not the first rising star to be a culprit in the appropriation of other cultures and she sure won 't be the last. Elvis Presley and Miley Cyrus would also fall into this category. Then there 's Madonna, Madonna is known for…

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