Pop-Up Restaurant Essay

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Introduction: What is Pop-up restaurant? Pop-up restaurant is a new dining experience for a foodie’s eater in Ireland. It becomes a big food trend because it’s not only a small entrepreneur but also a big brand restaurant that is a Michelin star. For example, article by Katie McGuinness from (2 April 2017 2:30AM) “.....Alain Kerloc'h, Stevie Toman and their team from the Michelin-starred Ox restaurant in Belfast will pack up their cars with ingredients and kitchen equipment and drive to Dungarvan in Co Waterford. There, they'll unload into the kitchen of The Tannery, Paul and Máire Flynn's excellent restaurant (see review, page 35), and start preparations for their Sunday lunch pop-up, one of the hot tickets at this year's West Waterford Festival of Food...”. This actually…show more content…
In Ireland, we can see a lot of pop-up restaurant mainly used other property or truck food. Therefore, for ours pop-up restaurant we want to promote a Container Pop-up Restaurant. Our main location will be within Ireland area where mainly focus on any event such as Dublin Food Festival, Christmas season, concert and many more. There will be a table set up for our customer so they enjoy their food and drink. Ingredient is one of the important part in ours pop-up restaurant business. Therefore, for ours product we choose a local business since its fresh and help the local business growth. The advantages of container pop-up restaurant. Container pop-up restaurant is a better deal as well goes food truck or any similar place. This is because container business is very easy to manage. Here is the advantage of using container as a business tool: a. Location. The business owner can easily move into another spot if a location is not working out or after the end of event. The container can be moving around according to business schedule. b. Less
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