Pope Gregory VII and King Henry IV

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The investiture controversy was conflict between church and state. Those days, Henry was most powerful king in Europe, but Gregory willing to give him problems and wanted to dominate the state. Gregory was threatened the king, but the problem was that he was without any military power and this made him vulnerable. At that time bishops were important political figure and the main issue of conflict was bishop’s appointment because the Pope and the king both wanted to make bishops in their favor. Moreover, Pope decided to put an end to civil authority over the church. He declared only the church had the right to appoint, transfer, or remove bishops, but King began to appoint his own bishops.
When the Saxon war was going defectively, the king made an advisory committee to advise him to talk Gregory .Pope assumed this favorable sign that the king would come and talk to him before the coronation. Henry won a military victory in 1075 in Saxon war and he had begun to restore royal authority on winning places. He had not gone to talk with Pope Gregory but appointed imperial candidate’s arch bishop. He had not taken any advice from the pope and previous bishops who were appointed by the pope. This made the pope furious so, he wrote admonish to King Henry.
According to the pope’s letter, pope was founded by God and he had the authority to restore all bishops and king. He wrote in his letter king must be obedient to the church. Gregory wanted to be more powerful, so he wrote a
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