Pope John Paul II Paper

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“We are not the sum of our weaknesses and failures; we are the sum of the Father’s love for us and our real capacity to become the image of his Son.” Said by St. Pope John Paul II during one of his World Youth Day homilies this quote perfectly represents the man that St. Pope John Paul II was: a bold, forgiving, selfless, and loving man. Born on May 18, 1920 in Wadowice, Poland; John Paul II suffered a number of tragedies in the early years of his life. By the age of the twenty he lost all of his immediate family, and he credits the death of his father as the point in his life when he heard the call to live a life of religious vocation. In 1939, about one year after John Paul enrolled in The Krawkow Jaggelonian University, the Nazi closed…show more content…
Pope John Paul II like any other religious authority was an opponent of war and denounced it on any such chance he could. During the time period of his reign many wars and massacres took place, and Pope John Paul did everything he could to prevent or shorten these wars such as speaking to the political leaders involved, or saying words of courage and reform to the people. Pope John Paul also played an important role in the fall of communism in his native Poland. Through his words of prayer to the people, his pilgrimages of peace, and the establishment of solidarity John Paul was able to end communism in Poland for good. For this His Holiness also received the Presidential Medal of Freedom. John Paul did the same countries such as: Paraguay, Haiti and Chile which were under dictators at the time. One of the most admirable qualities about Pope John Paul II was his love and respect for all other religions. It was often talked about his relations with leaders of all other religions and the religions itself. There were three things that most people say Pope John Paul II loved the most. The first thing was the Eucharist. Many say that once his holiness saw the Eucharist he would get derailed from whatever he was doing and go into deep prayer for several hours, and there was nothing anyone could
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