Essay on Pope John Paul Xiii Impact on Christianity

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Pope John XXIII played a vital role in shaping Christianity as we know it today. He contributed socially, politically and liturgically and was a major influence in the establishment of ecumenism and interfaith dialogue between other churches and religions. He advocated Christian unity, social justice, human rights and the promotion of world peace, and his openness to all people led to him obtaining the name “Good Pope John”. The early life of Pope John XXIII shaped his morality and future ideas, and his travelling made him tolerant towards other people, cultures and beliefs. He believed that “No one is excluded by love” and pursued this belief throughout is papacy, even visiting prisons in order to forgive those who had sinned,…show more content…
Not only did Pope John XXIII improve relationships between Christian variants but he also increased the dialogue between other religions, especially seeking to repair relations with the Jews who were blamed for Jesus’ death. A more positive view of non-Catholics Christians and of other religions was encouraged as Pope John XXIII believed that if there was no dialogue between them and Catholics, then all doors would be closed. Pope John XXIII was involved with politics and during the Russia and Cuban Missile Crisis, he initiated a public plea to power holding leaders to negotiate peace and prevent a war with devastating consequences. He promoted prayers of world peace around the globe and even initiated dialogue with Communist world leaders and others clearly opposed to Christianity. His hospitality to Communists was highly controversial amongst the Catholic church, and showed how he believed strongly in developing ties in order to discuss human rights and encourage peace. During his Papacy, Pope John XXIII published several encyclicals promoting world peace(Pacem in Terris) and increasing the consciousness of one’s dignity and rights of workers, women and newly independent nations (Mater et Magisterum). Pacem in Terris was addressed to the whole world and received warmly by Christians and non-Christians alike. It altered thinking about the Cold War and initiated the resurgence of Catholic social teaching. John Pope

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