Popol Vuh Analysis

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The Popol Vuh is a written documentation of Maya oral history, containing a series of narratives that preserve Mayan myth, deities, religious practices, as well as ethical views and beliefs about the world. Popol Vuh translates into ‘Council Book,’ and is believed to have been used by leaders to consult during times of crisis and deliberation. Although the book is myth, it describes how everything became to exist on earth, how human life began, what to expect after death, and the gods who created life. The Popol Vuh is also an explanation for natural events and social order. The book becomes a way to overcome the human vision and live to the gods design. The Popol Vuh tells of the creation of humans, and through this narrative addresses the social hierarchy of everything in the cosmos, specifically addressed in the “Creation of the Effigies of Carved Wood,” and “The Fall of the Effigies of Carved Wood,” episodes.…show more content…
80-90) After the first attempts at humans, the gods move from wet and crumbly clay to a material that is hard and craveable, wood. The people that were formed from wood were sturdy and retained shape with means to multiply, unlike the previous mud people. Although the wood people had function and form, they lacked the mental and spiritual minds which the gods desired from their creations. The wood effigies had the appearance and spoke like people, but they did not remember their makers. “Thus they were not capable of understanding before their Framer and their Shaper, those who had given them birth and given them hearts.” (Christenson, pp. 86) The gods decide to destroy the wood people because they lack the intended function of humans for the gods. Heart of Sky brings down a great flood and tempest from the sky, which results in catastrophic violence from the subservient creatures. The flood and violence created a state of emergency through the world and led to a disruption in
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