Popol Vuh “The Mayan Creation” Popol Vuh was an integral

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Popol Vuh "The Mayan Creation" Popol Vuh was an integral part of the Mesoamerican society that had been enlightened with the western biblical judiciousness. The Mesoamericans, which were called Quiché people, believed that their Ancient World was fashioned from the same matter and aspects as that of the Western Judeo Civilizations. There are numerous transactional meanings between the biblical stance and the creation story of the Quiché. Many narratives have been borrowed from the bible and reconstituted back into the five stories of the Quiché demonstrating that their belief system was greatly influenced by an outside source. In Dennis Tedlock 's translation of the Popol Vuh, the connection between Christian theology and Mayan…show more content…
In the passage, these two young boys entered the Dark House and are given two tests by a certain god named One and Seven Death inorder to see if they can be tempted by worldly postions. The tests dealt with temptation and overcoming one 's fear. Unfortunately, One and Seven Hunahph could not resist their temptations and were beheaded for their deeds.

One Hunahph 's head is placed in the fork of a Calabash tree and his body is buried with his brothers. This Calabash tree bore no fruit until the head of One Hunahph is inserted in its branches, and produced an abundant amount of fruit. This clearly is representative of the Garden of Eden, when God told Adam and Eve not to eat from the Tree of Knowledge, and the immaculate conception of Mary when Jesus was born. The Blood Women is being depicted as that in the same as Eve. Blood Women 's father told her not to eat from the Calabash tree for it had the head of One Hunaphu in it and it looked just like the fruit that was born onto the tree. At the Calabash tree, the head of One Hunaphu tempted the Blood Women by telling her, "she does not want merely a bone [piece of fruit] of the tree" (Norton 1752; Popol Vuh). Through the persuasive language of One Hunaphu, the Blood Women reached for the piece of fruit but instead of receiving the fruit, "One Hunaphu spit into the palm of the woman 's hand" (Norton 1752; Popol Vuh). The women received, not only wisdom from the tree, but also received the gift of child to be born
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