Pops By Victor Lavalle Analysis

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In the story, pops by Victor LaValle, the main character is a young boy who is 11 years old who in the story is meeting with his father for the first time in a long time. The setting of the story brings the two of them in a pizza place eating pizza as the young boy tries to get comfortable with his father. "I waited to see if he was the kind of guy to blow his dick out if I cursed a little. My mom was like that. He didn't squawk." Anthony, the young boy, was trying to see what type of guy his Dad was by throwing curse words and making up stories of how he got into fights, comparing his mom's attitude from his dad's. He did not receive any type of reaction from Louis, which made the relationship towards Anthony, feel more like a friend figure than a father figure. As the conversation went further in the story, Anthony become more and more comfortable with his father where than in the beginning of the story, "I'd laughed extra hard because I was too damn nervous." where he asked less questions. "I looked at his face, it was big and not too pretty, but something about him was nice. I could see someone trusting him." Anthony observed his father's actions and appearance as well as was curious to know more information about his father. Most of his thoughts were analyzed in his head whereas in the beginning of the story, he was scared to let out. The conversation between father and son was not awkward even though there was stares here and there. Anthony saying this shows the

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