Popular Beliefs Affected By Popular Culture

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Hair, nails, body type and skin, these are just a few of the things influenced by our society. Many young women and men want to fit in but cannot meet the goals set by popular culture. It has come to a point where men no longer want to be men and women no longer want to be women. They feel that to leave the pressures put on them they have to change who they are. Now many people will argue with me that it is not a choice, they were born that way but every second of our lives are based on choices. If we choose to follow to popular beliefs or if we choose to stand out. Let us analyze how our society works. We look to the television, magazines, and billboards to find what is trending. This shows us what should or shouldn’t be worn, whether it…show more content…
sometimes we think it is only women but men face these pressures as well. Not all men have the muscles they want or the new Jordan’s that just dropped this makes people feel like they have nowhere to run to, like they aren’t worth anyone’s time and no one should ever feel like that. Popular culture has turned from a great way to influence the community to the reason we are tearing each other down. Some results from trying to meet the ideals of popular culture are bullying and suicide. This has happened recently with a cheer sister of mine. She tried to make herself known, she didn’t offend anyone but was bullied for not being what the typical girl would be. She never harmed anyone and was a great student but because of the images put in the heads of other girls she wasn’t able to reach their goals and for that she was bullied and ultimately committed suicide. This is the most extreme we can see as the effects of popular culture set in. More of our youth are dying from things that should never happen. This is not the last we will see of popular culture but if we don’t make a change then no one will ever be able to reach this unforeseen popularity and who knows what will increase after that. My personal feeling about popular culture are
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