Popular Business Analysis: PEST and SWOT Analysis

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Strategy Evaluation – Situation Analysis Before moving on, it is necessary to under the current situation of company. There are various analytic ways can be used for evaluate company position and others external environmental factors analysis. With the use of 2 types of popular analysis – PEST and SWOT analysis, it could help comprehensively and effectively evaluate the strength and weakness, opportunities and other environmental factor like political, economic, social and technology issue. PEST Analysis - A tool for evaluating business and external factor as well as measuring the trends and changes in the market. In analyzing the present environment of the company, there are totally 4 factors we should need to consider with. 1. Political factors Government tax policy, environmental regulation, labour law and foreign trade restriction may greatly impact the company strategy and company goal setup. It is believed that customers will increase spending power that are willing to spend more due to the change of tax allowance or decrease of the tax rate. Conversely, instability in overseas markets and trade restriction may result in market size and accessibility, i.e. how many customers would actually go online to visit or buy any product from website. Apart from these, due to the introduction of the mandatory labour benefits legislation and the minimum wages and standard working hours, the operation cost would also be greatly increased. 2. Economic The national and global

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