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Popular Cars Any gearhead knows that not just any car will do for a project. What kind should be chosen, though? This mainly depends on the person working on the vehicle. For any newcomer, the range of possible project vehicles can be staggering to approach, for there are many possibilities for a person to chose. An effective project usually focuses on a tuner car, muscle car, or sports car. These are the differences between them all. A tuner car is defined as a vehicle that is easy to modify and has mostly performance oriented modifications. Many of these vehicles are sedans, or four door vehicles. They can be anywhere from small to medium in size and take to forms of traditional sedans, mass produced coupes, and hatchbacks. This is the broadest of all of the categories of vehicles.
Examples of this type of vehicle are the Honda Civic, Toyota Supra, Mitsubishi Eclipse, and fox body Ford Mustangs. Normally these cars are less expensive and more readily available than the others on this
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Because most muscle cars were manufactured 35 or more years ago, the vehicles are many times found in severe disrepair. This makes restorations the most common work done to muscle cars. Because of their restored market value, many cars remain however they left the factory. Sports cars are cars that are designed to go fast, but also handle better than their muscle car counterparts. A sports car is small, seats one or two people, has a low center of gravity, and is very light compared to other cars. Unlike muscle cars, sports cars are still manufactured today. Furthermore, the movement was started in Europe and most sports cars are made by European companies. These vehicles were first manufactured in 1910 and have been in constant production ever
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