Popular Culture And Learning Analysis

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In an article published for the National Association for Music Education, titled “Popular Culture and Video Games as Tools for Music Learning,” written by Adam Reyher. Focuses primarily on a video game called Rhythm Heaven Fever, Reyher discusses how the use of incorporating technology in the classroom by using video games will appeal to children more than traditional methods. He mentions how appealing to children through the type of music they enjoy listening to as well as using things that will keep their attention will unknowingly help them learn more.
It’s proven that when teachers understand and know the type of music that their students enjoy, more learning can commence. The author mentions that video games such as Guitar Hero and
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What the author drives at is the idea that though video games are a great tool in helping students learn music education, there are other methods that will give the same results as if would for creating music projects with their students. Along the lines of music education, the idea of students working together to collaborate on getting points to win a game are more beneficial than you’d think. Having worked in education, I found that when students are put in groups, they developed more social skills and different methods to solve the problems. Though I was unable to incorporate music in my lessons, I thought of different methods of rewarding them for their participation and of course their scores on the assigned…show more content…
The ideas presented by Adam Reyher in his article, “Pop Culture and Video Games as Tools for Music Learning,” hones in on the game of Rhythm Heaven Fever, which consists of multiple mini games that focuses on a variety of cognitive skills. The author though he mentions that teachers should use technology to engage students, as well as connect with them through pop culture references which is really any goal in teaching where students will actually pay attention to rather than create some form of distraction. He also mentions that, although the games Rock Band and Guitar Hero are in the market which focuses on music, he fails to mention that through those games children are able to expand their horizons on different types of music that are available for them to listen
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