Popular Culture As Defined By Alexandre O. Philippe

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Much of what we know comes from popular culture. It’s inescapable and it shapes our modern society. In simpler terms, popular culture could either offend or challenge social norms brought on by society on what is new, hip, and trends to be followed. Popular culture as defined by Alexandre O. Philippe, “ is a universal language that manages in all of its seemingly trivial glory to make us dream and smile. To connect us across racial, political, and social divides, it is part of our fabric as human beings. It says something about us, about our better nature and isn’t it time for us to respect it, cherish it, and learn to preserve it?” Growing up in the modern age, popular culture has had a huge impact on my life. Being a part of the new technology generation, society seems to be driven by what’s new, what’s the latest trend, or what’s the latest issue. Now more than ever, popular culture seems to have taken over the new medium for how people understand news and media worldwide within the numerous social platforms such as YouTube, television, Facebook, and popular magazines, as a newer and sometimes more effective way to share and understand news and ideas. To some, popular culture serves to over exemplify the ridiculousness of a culture. However, popular culture does not aim to destroy or diminish the values set up with what’s new, popular, or trending; but aims to strengthen the cultural differences valued upon each country by offering new and creative insights that may seem

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