Popular Culture: The Misconceptions Of Pop Culture

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Pop culture synthesis essay Pop culture has recently become a compelling element of many people’s lives both young and the old. It entails all the beliefs, objects and practices that are ubiquitous in the society and include trends, popular music, ideas, and books. During the early years, it was associated with the ordinary society and was thought to belong to the illiterate masses. It, therefore, turned out as a basis of contempt as seen by the educated elite. The trend has prevailed to the present epoch, being lightly upheld by various religious groups and other individuals whose identities are based on a different kind of perspective layout by the popular society’s demands. Among the major topics related to pop culture, social networking has dominated the world due to its prominence. There exist countless social media sites in the world such as the Facebook,…show more content…
He argues that the mass media plays an important role in promoting a social change as well as development. For instance, exposure to the mass media can have differentiated impacts on people’s behaviors. It enhances availing of new information which tends to keep people updated on the current issues occurring in the world. The media can also affect behaviors through changing individual preferences. The information presented in the social media may help people to improve their perspective towards certain negative misconceptions which may act as barriers to revolution. Additionally, the mass media serves as a marketing site where people as far as across seas can meet and promote their products. It also enhances transactions without the trading partners having to comply. These tend to increase economic growth among the involved individuals who are all that every country is aiming at. Eventually, the whole world might end up a world full of states that are poverty free and alongside healthy

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