Popular Culture at the Beginning of the 1960's Essay

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Popular Culture at the Beginning of the 1960's The early 1960's was a period of time where standard of living was rising and there was more consumer goods to buy and people were on higher wages so could now afford luxury items which they would of never thought of buying. The 1960's was a period of great change, particularly in the younger generation of people. A good quote from the Prime Mister at the time sums up the early 60's in a way which many would agree with, 'you've never had it so good', he said this at the 1957 general election - but some people still think the late 50's as 'grey' this reflects the culture of Britain at the time. The 1960's was a period when there was great change in…show more content…
T.V changed dramatically in the 60's. Early 60's TV dominated by middle and upper classes, but Coronation Street started and was about working class people this new drama changed TV and started to reflect society. The 60's bought lots of new shows to the public this was the start of campaigning programmes e.g Tonight also dramas were beginning to become very popular, 'Cathy Come Home' was a great impact on society. By the mid 60's TV had a major influence on youth by programmes like 'Ready Steady Go', 'Cathy McGowan and 'Ready, Steady, Go' were magic, compulsory viewing. Manfred Mann singing '5, 4, 3, 2, 1' was the theme music. I'll never forget that wonderful catch-cry 'the weekend starts here!', with the accompanying feeling of freedom, excitement and youth', this account show how important TV had become to the youth of the nation. Radio in the early 60's was poor and contain little interest in the youth as it was light programmes like, ''sing something simple' but the 60's saw the big change of radio in 1962/63 saw the start of pirate radio stations which play music which the younger generations wanted to listen to, 'Pirate radio stations were so important. We just had to listen to Radio Caroline, it was so different from everything else that had ever been on the radio. The music they played was fantastic, the DJs were fantastic, including Kenny Everett. The blurb between the
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