Popular Culture's effect on Sports role models

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Think About “My Generation… Baby!” Sports have such an enormous part of people’s lives and they influence us in various ways. People not only participate in sports, but they discuss, follow, write, and even fantasize about them daily. Particularly through the eyes of young children, who often view professional athletes as role models, and look up to them. Popular culture is a part of everyone’s lives today, and it affects sports through a plethora of positive and negative ways. Popular culture makes certain athletes look very humbling, but then sometimes it could make an athlete look like a complete fool. Many young boys who enjoy sports usually have dreams of playing professionally one day. Therefore these athlete role models have such a…show more content…
Professional athletes such as former New England Patriots star tight end Aaron Hernandez got into a very substantial amount of trouble. Hernandez was involved in murder, a very serious crime, and it now has him stuck in jail. He was released by the New England Patriots, and now is viewed as a horrific man. Michael Vick took part in dog fighting earlier in his career and was sent to prison for almost two years. Even though he is back in the NFL now, he will never be able to get rid of the past, and it will always haunt him. Both of these athletes’ committed very immoral crimes, obviously Hernandez’s being more serious, but regardless they will always have to live with this. Children who admire these two athletes, and don’t know any better are faced with the issue of trying to understand why they stopped playing. Therefore, athletes sometimes leave very damaging images on kids who admire them, and popular culture does not help when the news constantly reports on these guys. Even though there are a bunch of professional athletes who are appalling role models on kids, there are a lot more who through pop culture leave excellent impressions on children. Pros such as Derek Jeter, Tim Tebow, and Eli Manning are prime examples of an excellent role model. All three of these guys give it their all, each one of them never gets in any trouble, and they are always giving
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