Popular Forms Of Technology Among Preschoolers

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MOBILE/TABLETS – Among families with children age 8 and under, there has been a five-fold increase in ownership of tablet devices such as iPads (such consumers are commonly referred to as iTods), from 8% of all families in 2011 to 40% in 2013. The percent of children with access to some type of smart device has jumped from 52% to 75% of all children from 2011 to 2013.
Overall, children age 8 and under spend 12 minutes less per day, 9 minutes less watching DVDs, and 6 minutes less using computers 2011. The most common mobile media activity among this age group is playing mobile games. 63% of this group have played mobile games. In the year 2013, 50% of all children had used
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Also, of the roughly two hours (1:55) average screen media use each day, half is spent watching television on a TV set (:57) minutes. This compares to 19% spent watching DVDs 13% using mobile devices, 10% using computers, and 9% using video game players. APPLICATIONS – There is an “app-gap” between low and high income families. Only 20% of lower income children had access to smart devices in 2013. While 63% of higher-income children do. While Only 35% of lower-income parents have downloaded apps for their children. 75% of higher income parents have downloaded apps for their children.
CONSOLE VIDEOGAMES – Access to video games continues to be widespread, and many young children have played them. Two thirds of 0 to 8 year olds have access to a console video games, and 35% have access to a hand held console. Only 6% of children are daily video game players, while 21% are weekly players. Boys in this age group average 9 minutes per day while girls only average 2 minutes per day. Most children aren’t playing what their parents consider to be educational games on their consoles. Among those who own a console only 4% “often” play educational games.
TELEVISION VIEWING Educational TV is the most popular genre among young children. Parents report 61% of children often or sometimes watch educational shows, 52% watch children’s entertainment that frequently, 11% watch “general audience” shows like American idol or Modern Family. Educational TV peaks during 2 to 4 year old
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