Popular Girls

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Popular girls "Popular girls" is a short story from 2001 by Karen Shephard. She is born and raised in New York and her work has been published in several papers. The short-story sets in the early 80 's where we get some insight in the life of five rich and popular girls. They are self-centered and don 't have the slightest interest in other people. Their entire life is about maintaining their image as a group. The setting is New York, which is the riches city in the US. The city is also known as The big Apple and The city that never sleeps. This reflects in the mentality of these girls. They do speed, and not weed, because they want to get through school as fast as possible. They want to live life in the fast-lane and do extravagant…show more content…
You can 't be a part of their clique, but you can be a ”friend” of the clique. This can be seen physically by their moat of backpack 's (p.1 l.22).Their other friends can sit on the other side of their moat, but cannot be let in. These girls only focus on their appearance and of how other people perceive them. They don 't exactly worry about these things, but it constitutes their entire life. Where they go, where they sit, how they sit, it has to be the right way. They are not interested in other people and neither are they in each other,”You 're crying” we say, pointing.”(p.7 l.169) as if this is just a mere fact and they how no idea of how to act upon this. They only like the idea of themselves as a group of perfect friends, which is exactly what they are doing by saying ”It 's a performance of us, the group of us” (p.6 l.147) and ”Look at you, we are saying. Look at you. We are happy together, part of something and not alone, and we celebrate that out loud.”(p.149-151) their entire life is a performance of themselves and the performance of the fact that they are not alone. Perhaps they do feel alone in a life of rich parents that bring back dolls and pearls from business trips for their collection. There is a conflation of identities between these girls as they don 't work as individuals, but just as a group. This is made clear on page 2 line 58. ”We walk in the formation of migrating geese.” Here the author uses humor/irony to
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