Popular Mechanics

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1. What is the title of the text and what is the text about?

The title of the text is Popular Mechanics, and is about a man and woman fighting over their baby right before their separation. The fight turns physical, with the man and woman each pulling on the baby, and ends when the man gives it one final hard pull.

2. What is the author’s view? How do I know?

The author's view is that when people fight, they can end up wanting to win for winning's sake, disregarding their negative impact on people around them, even those that they love. I deduced this from the way that the author presented the actions of the man and woman. It appears that the man may have overlooked the baby altogether had the woman not taken away the baby's picture. And then
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For example, the story starts with an ominous tone because the author chooses to describe the water as dirty, and the environment becoming dark. He shows the destruction of a beautiful thing by choosing to describe the knocking down of a flower pot during the struggle. He showed the disregard of the baby's well-being by choosing to describe the baby like an object while the man and woman are fighting over it.

4. Is the evidence valid? How do I know?

The evidence presented by the author is valid if it feels realistic. For the evidence to feel realistic, I have to be able to empathize with the characters during their struggles, and be able to picture the described events happening in the real world. In this case, Carver does a good job painting a realistic environment and allowing the characters to behave realistically, such that their brutal actions are believable.

5. Is the evidence relevant? How do I know?

There may have been events described that were not directly relevant to the author's view, but since overall the story paints a convincing picture of the author's view, there must have been enough relevant evidence
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