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Popular Media Summarization
The first news publication that we will be analyzing is an article titled “Anatomy of Female Genital Mutilation” written by Michelle Roberts (2014) of BBC News. This article begins to inform the readers about what female genital mutilation is exactly. According to Roberts (2014) female genital mutilation is defined as, “any procedure that harms the female genital organs for non-medical purposes”. The article continues to inform its readers that among the stages of female genital mutilation, the most severe one includes when a woman’s clitoris is removed, then her genitals are stitched together so that the female does not have or enjoy sex. As girls, grow up to bear children, during labor and delivery, she is again unstitched …show more content…

The reason is, according to this article, to keep the women “hygienic, chaste and faithful”. So many girls go through the pain associated with female genital mutilation in order to avoid bringing shame to herself as well as her family while many more girls endure the pain so that they can be seen as strong women who can withstand anything life throws at them. Furthermore, Roberts continues to inform us that although many people worry about infection and unsanitary practices that the traditional circumcisers use. This includes, using the same razor blade, a thorn or even a piece of a broken glass to circumcise multiple of females. However, we cannot ignore the many countries that have doctors and midwives who are trained to perform female circumcision in their own clinic, under safe and legal practices. So by practicing female genital mutilation in a clinic or a hospital, many argue that the risk of bleeding and infection can be minimized. Medical professionals feel that regardless of whatever policies and laws are in place to deter female genital mutilation, it will always be practiced, so it might as well be done by a specialized healthcare professional in order to prevent the risk of

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