Popular Music And Its Influence On Music

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Lastly, I would like to address how popular music controls us to favor popular music. Rather than allowing us to listen to different types of music, such as country music or punk music, popular music conforms us to only listen to the music that is only composed by well-known artists. Popular music restricts us from listening to other songs that are not popular, thus determining what popular music is. First off, what makes popular music popular? The reason to bring this question up is to remind all consumers that record companies have nicely packaged all the popular music before it gets released on the radio, television, or the Internet, making sure that only music produced by record labels can only be popular. All the popular music that is…show more content…
We often are so focused on what is playing currently, rather than what other choices we have. Regardless of how many artists there are, record label companies are there to filter out all the pros and cons in each artists, making sure everything that goes out to the public can gain the audiences’ attention. A great example is how Ariana Grande “started out in showbiz as a fresh-faced kid who looked like a butter would not melt in her mouth. Now she is fast becoming known as the girl with the big ponytail, and the big voice” (White, 2014). As she started to become more well known, she started becoming looking more like a sweet girl and stepping away from dressing in cutting edge style. After Ariana Grande has signed with Republic Records label in 2013, she has immediately released several albums and become one of the top artists in 2014. Also, because record labels have such great influences within the music industry, it is definitely easier to get the public’s attention through getting promoted by record labels rather than having to singers to promote themselves.
Ultimately, record labels contribute a big part in the music industry. Furthermore, Nancy explains in “The Swedish Model: Balancing Markets and Gifts in the Music Industry,” the “record labels have been the creative center for the global music industry, finding, developing, recording, and publishing the
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