Popularity Of Chain Supermarkets Are Monopolizing The Market

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1. How would you describe your knowledge of proliferation of chain supermarkets?
The rate of proliferation of chain supermarkets is very fast and the number of branches increased rapidly.

2. Do you think chain supermarkets are monopolizing the market? If so, in what ways?
Chain supermarkets are absolutely monopolizing the market. Chain supermarkets own nearly all of the market and many small-sized grocery stores have to wind up their business as the turnover is insufficient for the expenditure. Other small-sized enterprises like fruit stores also suffer hard in the sluggish competition with chain supermarkets and the income is reduced. A barrier is formed for others to enter the retail industry and the space for small-sized enterprises to survive in the market is very small.

3 What do you think are the differences of a grocery stall and a chain supermarket?
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The development capacity of the chain supermarkets is obviously higher. The turnover rate of a small-sized enterprises, like my grocery shop is far lower than that of chain supermarkets. In terms of the business mode, chain supermarkets can provide more discounts for the consumers but due to the limited capital, grocery shops cannot follow suit. Thus, most consumers would tends to shop in a chain supermarkets instead of grocery shops, especially during the discount period. Although both the staff of the grocery stores and the staff of the chain supermarkets would chat with the customers, I think the hospitality and human touch in small-sized enterprises is still higher. Established customers like to purchase in my grocery stall and chat with me. They have been supporting my business for a long

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