Popularity of Blueberries in Canada

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Recently, blueberry is becoming a popular fruit in Canada due to its delicious taste, health benefits and other various usages in our life. Therefore, blueberries are ranked as one of the best health fruit. Also, a study showed that the five-year averaged wild blueberries’ production was over 15 million kilograms and the farm value was $25 million in Nova Scotia (“Wild Blueberries,” n.d.). However, with more and more demands for blueberries, blueberry production faces some challenges; such as low yield from changing weather, bird predation and export difficulties, which are related to environmental and economical problems.
First of all, fruit need specific natural conditions to grow. However, recently owing to the climate change, blueberry farmers face a big trouble that damaging weather can make a poor crop year. For example, blueberry’s flower buds need to be covered by snow in the winter in order to keep away from frost damages. Nevertheless, once there is a late frost or dry condition, it will prevent blueberry to flower, which may lead to the decline of blueberry outputs (CIER, 2007). Also, dry and hot summer can result in diminished productions by more than half and have a negative effect on the remaining blueberries’ quality (Canada. Department of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, 2012). In addition, blueberries can be plentiful if they grow in an area that has been pruned by mowing or burning. But, taking away trees through timber harvesting may raise heat and
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