Popularity of Tobacco in Colonial Times

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With the growth of the big plantations in the 18th century, there were small landowners among large planters in the Tidewater area. Usually, they possessed few slaves (if any). The importation of little food indicates that there existed a standard farming system. Tobacco was not the only product of large tobacco plantations. It is indicated by the fact that all of the financial records of the goods of one man’s labor recorded as so many acres of tobacco and others. Low prevailing prices of tobacco would have made the agricultural economy less cost-effective. Agricultural product such as tobacco was new to most of the people, but not to the English settlers at the Johnstown. There was no experience in marketing to draw upon, growing and curing in that century. These difficulties and procedures were tackled by trial and error in Virginia. Tobacco was very popular in early Virginia during the colonial time.
The colony exploited the only reliable export for the benefit of English trade. The policy made the Virginia planter become an agricultural spendthrift. For a long period of time a system of farming depleted his land. The price of land was cheap, which means that fertilization was limited and laborious. Through clearing of trees away, they were able to move south, west, north, and southwest to replace his worn-out…
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