Population Aging And Population

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The world is currently undergoing a massive shift in its population trend. Not only are some area’s populations decreasing, but population aging is on the rise. Population aging can be defined as a decrease in the population’s fertility rate, as well as in its mortality rate causing a shift in the age distribution of a population towards older ages (). This type of trend shows great progress towards individuals living a healthier, longer life; however, this change also comes with its own set of many different challenges and changes. Families are one of the main things that can be directly affected by population aging. As the population age shifts, different aspects of family structures are changing as well. One of these issues stems from the recent decrease in infant fertility rates. Whether it be voluntary, involuntary, or due to something as tragic as a medical condition or the loss of a child, remaining childless is something that has recently become increasingly more common among women. It is reported that in modern societies, around 20 percent of women do not even give birth and in Europe, North America, Latin America, and Southeast Asia, these percentages are only rising (). One of the more positive changes that comes from population aging is higher opportunity rates for younger generations to be able to meet their great-grandparents during their lifetime. This is due to the increase in life expectancy rates, as well as the decrease in number of individuals in each

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