Population And Sample Selection

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POPULATION AND SAMPLE SELECTION This chapter will present the data gathered about an elementary school’s teacher current perspectives, practices and strategies regarding technology usage within their pedagogy. Pseudonyms will be used for all locations and participants. To distinguish the position of each participant, the will be given a specific number (i.e. – Teacher 1, Teacher 2, etc.). First, the school as it exists at the study site will be described. Then, demographics of the site will be presented, followed by demographics of the participants. The chapter will conclude with issues and concerns about the kindergarten teacher comfort levels with technology. Additionally, it will connect whether or not do professional development opportunities change kindergarten teacher attitudes regarding technology, increase knowledge of devices and ensure proper integration practices. Demographics of the Site Nashville is a large metropolitan area that is located in the heart of the state of Tennessee. It is centrally located and connected to many smaller cities, which are areas that are experiencing significant urban growth. Although the population of the city is approximately 644,014, the population of the entire state is approximately 6,549,352. The Volunteer Independent School District or VISD, is a school district that serves the city of Nashville, Tennessee. More than 82,000 students are currently enrolled in the district 's 73 elementary schools, 33 middle schools, 25 high
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