Population Evolution And Microbial Life

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Assignment 8 Population evolution and microbial life are a major component in biological applications today. Microbial life is being discovered everywhere and these microbes can have major positive and impacts on society. Some microbes can promote increased human immunity to certain diseases like Cancer (Green and Ariyan 2014) or can potentially decrease the human aging process (Ghose 2014). For example, current clinical trials are now using microbes to help increase the rate at which T-cells can respond to the presence of cancer cells (Green and Ariyan 2014). We are also discovering how microbes contribute to our ocean animal populations and how they influence ocean health (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution 2014), both positively and negatively. Some microbes can actually aid in the clean-up of oil spills as they ingest and breakdown parts of oil, and others can help us determine how climate change is altering how water quality (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution 2014). One of the most fascinating applications of biology are within the topics of biological diversity and evolution. Numerous studies are being conducted to determine how biological diversity and evolution are changing with respect to how we utilize our lands for agricultural practices (EPA 2013). As we cultivate our lands, the way that water runs throughout them has changed greatly, and as a result the organisms in these areas are likely adapting to these water changes if they are surviving. There is
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