Population Growth And Its Impact On The Environment

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In the short amount of time that humans have been on this planet they have evolved and adjusted to many circumstances in climates over such a short period of time. Humans have been on this planet for about 200,000 years and in that short amount of time humans have changed, and grown drastically within that time frame. If the population continues to grow at rapid rates our planet, environment, civilization, and even humanity will suffer due to over consumption, pollution, and destruction causing depletion and possibly even extinction. Overpopulation of civilizations could lead to the depletion of fresh water, other natural resources, food supplies, and even habitations. Humanity as a whole make choices regarding housing, food, water,…show more content…
The third era is the current account of population growth. The population numbers are currently declining and will remain in a declining state indicating the culmination of this era.

Poverty, medical intervention, technology, nutritional and cultural factors play a role in increasing and decreasing growth population numbers. With the expansion of suburbanization communities were introduced to the industrial age. Technology such as farming equipment, machinery in factories, and simple household tools and utilities introduced a great deal of employment opportunities. With the introduction of farming equipment, the agricultural and nutritional aspect of our society improved greatly. This era also introduced our society to child labor and the introduction of women in the workforce. (Sachs, 2010) Due to the introduction of women in the workplace, women chose to contribute financially to their family instead of staying home, and having babies. Women were also choosing an education rather than being a housewife. When we look at today’s society men and women are following the past and choosing educations and careers instead of immediately starting family’s or having smaller families. Medical intervention has also played a role in the population growth and decrease. Not only do we have contraception to decrease population growth, we also have fertility treatments to help increase population growth. Immunizations, in the use of
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