Population Growth Vs. Food Production

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Population Growth Vs. Food Production Worldwide, enough food is being produced in order to feed everyone, yet the technology that is used in order to produce the food doesn’t necessarily meet the needs of every single individual. However within the recent decades there has been quite an impressive growth in the food production, yet this has been made possible due to the developmental improvement, the increased use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides and the expansion of crop land. The problem with that is our population doesn’t decrease in growth it increases at a constant rate and once it reaches the max capacity how will the food production levels accommodate the people at a global level. The answer is that as our population increases…show more content…
In the year 2014 alone US consumers, businesses, and government entities have spent $1.46 trillion on food and beverages in grocery stores or other retailers simply marking that the demand for food is at a high rate at this point making the demand even higher at the expected population growth year. The daily intake of calories in the US is at 3,639 which is above the standard calorie intake needed which is 2000 calories per day, this indicates that there are varying options of food out there in the industry and the main organization that results in such a increase of calorie intake is fast food chains. The Pricing is cheap and affordable for the average individual meaning that the income of the consumers in that food sector is moderately low or close to middle level the higher the income of the consumer is the more prone they are to purchase foods of higher value such as organic food. In order to help individuals receive the daily food intake they require the government provides subsidies for those families, which for the year 2016 154 billion dollars were allocated averaging to 1,230 dollars per family. At this dollar amount the only food that these families can afford is fast food leading to the increase of calorie intake that was stated earlier. The fast food chain has also grown a lot due to increase and demand
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