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overpopulation and population density

When we think of population density most people aren't positive on this is actually means. In this essay, I will state why population density is becoming a problem in today's society and how this is having an effect on our environment, political, and economic state of countries. According to population density is "the number of people living per unit of an area (e.g. per square mile); the number of people relative to the space occupied by them"

After some secondary research, I found out that the continent of Asia has the highest population density in the world if we look at the statistics on the countries with the highest population density are Asia, Africa, and North America. If we narrow this down to induvial countries we can see from this graph on the right that there is a cluster within Asia, the country that shows us this is China is overpopulated because of the colour of the country and if you refer it back to the map. Once you refer it back to the map you can see that China has approximately 150 people living per square kilometre in China, this is mainly because of highly over populated cities in China. For example, Hong Kong, Hong Kong has a high population density of 6,349 people living per square kilometre, which is massive compared to different smaller countries like The Republic of China (Taiwan) who have a population density of 639 people per square kilometre. I know this by referring back to
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