Population Problems Among Citizens Of Wealthy Countries

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Concerns about population problems among citizens of wealthy countries, like Canada, generally focus on exponential population growth in poorer nations however this is a fallacy. All too often overpopulation is represented as too high a population density. The impact of humanity on Earth’s resources is not just determined by the population of the planet but rather depends on how those people behave and the ratio between humans and available resources (Hamlett). The main population problem is the consequence of human actions in relation to the overconsumption of goods and resources. The Cornucopian thesis states that continued progress and provision of materials can be met by advances in technology. Ironically industrialization, urbanization, the development of technology and expanded globalized markets has led to a deteriorating planet (Elrlich, 37-40). No longer can such cornucopian beliefs suffice, the conviction that the world can provide limitless natural resources is wrong. It is the depletion of those resources that has led to crisis. The predicament lies in humanity’s high energy conduct that amount to a significant assault on the integrity of Earth’s ecosystems. The truth is that global populations have completely exceeded sustainable carrying capacity, commonly referred to as overshoot in ecology, and supports itself by utilizing natural resources leading to tragic declines in agriculture and the collapse of many industries including manufacturing, fishing and…
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