Population Trends In The United States

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There are various population trends that are known as being the most important to the planning, financing, and the delivery of healthcare. Over the most recent years’ health care mainly medical has drawn the attention of the public eye. The need, demand, and use of health care services are mainly based on the age and size. In the United States, the number of Individuals has developed tremendously and is a very popular trend. Having knowledge of the demographics and the size of the population is a very critical factor (Willams & Torrens, 2008). It is one trend that is the most important trends of them all and that is the aging population. In this world that we are living in today United States people are living longer. Many individuals that …show more content…

J., & Torrens, P. R. (2008). Introduction to Health Services (Seventh ed.)
There are many diseases that Americans has been diagnosed with that leads to health care of the patient (Willams & Torrens, 2008). Over the past decades, the number of individuals has grown tremendously, in fact, it has doubled since the 1950s. It is over 7 billion people across the nation and throughout the world. Although the world has a lot of individuals that are a part of the country there is more individual that has passed away. Resources have developed over time and are available for one to have a connection with meeting the needs (Scherbov ,Sanderson & Lutz, 2004).
Nevertheless, there is a difference that is amongst making an accurate prediction mainly depending upon the market changes that has taken with a population. Management and Incorporations have a lot of requirements so that can maintain their academics and health situations. Challenges can be given in various ways that have an impact on a disease that is known in health care. Nevertheless, there are various challenges that have been shown that is related to the chronic diseases that have a huge impact on the delivery of healthcare that is effective. It has been taken into consideration that pressure is being placed upon the physicians when it comes down to management and making important decisions(Scherbov ,Sanderson & Lutz, …show more content…

When an organization uses the geographic strategy, it is usually when their products are based on the market size, climate, destiny strategy, states or the world. When the demographic strategy is a very important factor on many different levels for the market department. There are various factors that play a leading role in demographic and they are as follows: gender, age, ethnic background, income and the family life cycle. The baby boomers have been said to be a demographic group that keeps up with the spending that is being conducted throughout the United States. Now when it comes down to the Psychographic segment it is known as being very different because it is based on personality and people personality changes daily (Scherbov ,Sanderson & Lutz,

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