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3.5.3 Test (TS): Populism and Progressivism | Test | | | U.S. History since the Civil War Core (S2493642) | Name: ____________________ | | | Date: ____________ | | The Big Question: How did farmers, activists, workers and politicians face the problems of industrial America during the Populist and Progressive Eras? Section 1: Short-Answer Questions (30 points) Write multi-sentence responses for the prompts below. Be specific and give examples from the history we have learned. A. Use the grid below to compare the ideas of early black civil rights leaders for assisting African Americans during the Progressive Era. (10 points) W.E.B. Du Bois | - Increased political representation - Equal voting rights- Equal…show more content…
* Populism – This was a popular movement with farmers. Especially among poor farmers that lived in the South. C. Progressives worked to change many parts of American society. Choose TWO of these reforms from the terms list below and tell what they mean. (10 points) Initiative: Recall: Its when something is wrong with a Temperance: They wanted to restrict alcohol use. Muckrakers: Referendum: Its when someone is asked to vote on an idea that’s being proposed. Labor: Section 2: Extended Writing (30 points) In this section, you will show your knowledge of the content by constructing a three-paragraph essay. Remember to use examples from this unit, be specific, and follow proper paragraph- and essay-writing conventions. Write three paragraphs explaining how the case of Plessy v Ferguson affected race relations in the South and North. Organize your thoughts around these questions: What did civil rights activists hope to gain by bringing this test case to the Supreme Court, and what really happened? The civil rights activists were looking for equality, and were hoping that this case would finally bring that upon them. They were hoping to put an end to segregation. How did the Plessy decision change the way laws were made in the North and South? The Plessy decision legalized segregation. It was okay to be separate, but only if it was equal.
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