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Populorum Progressio, written in 1967, Pope Paul VI mainly focuses on the idea of the development and progress of people, which has become a deep concern to the Church. With the increase of hunger, poverty, endemic disease, and ignorance of the people, Paul requires that all men should explore this serious problem. Populorum Progrssio is divided into two main parts: man’s complete development and the common development of mankind. Paul focused on a variety of Catholic teachings which relate to the moral areas. One of the areas that Paul focuses on is solidarity. Solidarity is one of the principles of social justice we have discussed in class, which is defined as that we are one family and to look at all people as neighbors, not as…show more content…
The issue of hunger and poverty deals with the teachings of the option for the poor and the vulnerable. We are faced with great poverty in so many countries that millions of people suffer with hunger. This is a serious problem in our society that requires our great attention. From a certain point of view, this issue can be addressed as an economic problem, but this also is a moral issue that we have to understand and acknowledge. The more and more people understand this morality and the teachings of Christian, the gap between the rich and the poor can decrease. Another area that Paul talks about is justice at every level, which includes a just wage for the individual worker. This relates to the principle of the dignity of work and rights of workers. When two parties are in very unequal positions, their mutual consent alone does not guarantee a fair contract and the rule of free consent remains subservient to the demands of the natural law. This justice should not be limited to the workers, but even between nations. Understanding the morality of this justice is necessary and this justice should be applied for every worker. Especially for underdeveloped nations, so many workers are losing their rights and treated unequally. This issue is also related to the corporate dominations and their greed and immorality. When the greed, self-interest, and immorality is disappeared, they will

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