Porkupunzle's False Illness

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Once upon a time a young princess is born she is very beautiful and there was nothing strange about her but as she started to grow up her hair started to become rows of quills long sharp and pokey and everyone was questioning why and how did this happen?
Terrified the King and Queen lock the princess until they can find a cure or something to help there daughter recover from her strange illness. they searched for the answer for years and for each passing year Porkupunzle was waiting and used her quills to entertain herself like using the quill to thread or using them as an arrow for her bow After awhile the King and Queens men finally found something a witch (whom the king had banished many years ago) had cursed Porkupunzle’s hair to grow
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In the early morning the tournament is about to begin the coliseum is bustling with excitement waiting for the games to begin. A fanfare plays as the King walks and silences everyone the King explains, “ the games are split into three parts accuracy ,endurance ,strength and a secret event.” Porkpunzle worried about strength for she was not very strong but then she remembered the strength potions she grabbed in the armory but then there was the secret match, what could that be?With her skills and tools Porkpunzle had survived so far she just had to beat the secret event and she could get the cure to her quills. Finally after what seemed like hours the King came out and the King said,” and now the secret match is… jousting !” “jousting Porkpunzle…show more content…
A dining hall was looming over all other rooms casting a faint glow to the witch’s castle the dining was full of people but they moved like puppets like they were being controlled by someone else. As Porkupunzle was admiring the place the humans turned towards and rushed towards her ready to attack, Porkupunzle didn’t know what to do she didn’t want to hurt them but she had to get away as she was looking around for a way out she caught sight of a door next to the biggest chair so she broke away from the group of people that were chashing her and entered Past the door was a dark room with barely any light only one strange object lit the room a glowing green potion she saw from the glow that there were traps all around so she dodged all of them and as soon as she came close a bell rang and footsteps where heard coming down the hall and she heard a raspy voice “guards some one is
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