Pornography And Its Effect On Society

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Pornography is a booming industry which is at its highest peak. With so many ways to access Porn, it is no wonder how common it is to hear the terms associated with porn. Porn has changed the perception of sex in an ample amount of ways. Some would consider porn to be prostitution, the only difference is that it is filmed and it is legal. Porn is not something that should be lightly tossed around in the conversation if there is no maturity involved. It is sickening to know that young kid can see grown sexual acts that portray women to be commodities that can be tossed around. Pornography has made a drastic impact not only in society, but the perspectives of each exposed individual in a negative way.
The Pornography Industry, according to Columbia Graduate School Professor Rebecca Leung, the porn industry “becomes less glamorous the closer you get, (Online Pornography pg 30 p 5.) Making more than four hundred and ninety million dollars solely in porn subscriptions and made more than nine billion dollars in revenue overall as of 1992. Despite having big profit margins, there are dirty secrets that hide behind the curtains of production sets. Porn Agents lure girls by posting ads on websites such as Craigslist with appealing ads by putting Free Plane Trip to Los Angeles or Hot Girls Wanted. Girls who accept leave their families and homes for a few weeks while their family have no clue about what their child is getting themselves into. It is said that families always find out
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