Pornography And Its Effect On Society

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In a world populated by people who are driven by sexual desire, pornography is inevitable. Throughout history, erotic work has progressed alongside society, and has climaxed, it seems, in the information age with almost unlimited access to any manner of pornographical work on the internet. In most forms, Pornography is legal within the United States, and is widely used despite its taboo nature. While statistics differ, it is likely that a majority of Americans have used pornography, and the industry is undoubtedly enormous. Despite it 's ubiquity in American culture and the ease at which it can be obtained, the ethicalness of pornography is still widely debated. And, while it seems impossible, some even call for the censorship or criminalization of porn. In this essay, I argue that pornography is a harmful to the identity of both user and the person who is objectified. The arguments primarily use deontological and teleological assumptions which are influenced by, but not circumscribed to, Christian ethics. All People have the legal right to portray themselves to others in any way they choose because of this, Pornography will never be eradicated from society, but the actions associated with Pornography are unethical and damaging. Since pornography reduces participants to sexual objects, in order for others to act upon, it is an unethical practice which all should avoid. The Nature of Pornography The debate over pornography begins in its definition. What
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