Pornography And Its Effects On The Status Of Society

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The term pornography refers to any written, visual, or spoken material containing the explicit description or display of sexual organs or activity, intended to stimulate erotic rather than aesthetic or emotional feelings. Pornography is a way of creating a bedroom fantasy to groups of people. They can help or harm a relationship that you have with your significant other. Many times porn is a stress reliever to some people. People find porn as a way to enhance their sexual experiences. But in finding people tend to say that pornography is harmful and helpful. It is depending on the relationship, influence, and self-esteem inside of a person. First, everyone has been in a sexual relationship with someone over the years. The media has a huge impact on the status of these relationships. What you see in movies and on television is a realistic depiction of a relationship. Many times these relationships are not what they are depicted to be. Significant gender differences included that men viewed pornography more than women, that men approved of pornography more than women, that women who viewed pornography were viewed as "loose," that women were more threatened by pornography than men and that women were more likely to agree that looking at pornography was OK if one was not fantasizing about others while doing so (O 'Reilly, 402). For a woman to watch or think about pornography she is considered to be nasty or she didn’t have what it takes to satisfy her significant other. On the
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