Pornography And Its Effects On Women

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While pornography is not only degrading to women, it is degrading to men as well because it is mostly deemed unethical, it is viewed based on Ethical Theories and moral reasoning, and it is not always intellectually stimulating. Pornography is printed or visual material containing explicit description of sexual body parts or activity, intended to stimulate erotic versus emotional feelings. Depending on the manner that the pornography is brought about it can be stimulating to some, but have no effect on others. To me this is considered to be a two part question. From my point of view porn does not affect me. I don’t believe that it is degrading to women, if the women willingly consent to performing these sexual acts. In the pornographic photos or videos the men are also exposing themselves. Between the two people performing the acts I actually don’t think it is degrading to either party when there is a mutual agreement between the two parties. There are levels of pornography; pornography to me is a one-sided situation. For instance, when one person in a perverted state of mind exposes him/herself or performs sexual acts with a child or someone who does not believe in public sexual content. Which draws a line to whether pornography is ethical or unethical? The Ethical Classical Theories I believe go head to head with pornography are Utilitarianism and Deontology. When determining whether or not pornography is ethical or unethical you should always think whether the act was
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