Pornography Oppression Of Women Essay

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Pornography: The Modern Day Construction of Women’s Oppression

A close examination of the intricate relationships between: gender, sexuality, social hierarchy, ideology, power and objectification is necessary to prove that the pervasiveness of pornography in today’s society serves as a means for the construction of women’s oppression. It becomes clear that pornography is the grease that relegates women to a second-class status when its effects are fully actualized. On the other hand, some argue that pornography is empowering and benefits sexuality. An exploration into the positive effects of pornography will be provided. The merit of pornography will be disproven and it will become obvious that the perpetrator of inequality is pornography. For clarification, the word ‘pornography’ is used to label obscene material made for sexual stimulation of the viewer. However, in the context of this analysis ‘pornography’ denotes material that explicitly depicts and sexualizes: torture, humiliation, degradation, rape, childization, force,
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MacKinnon defines it best when she writes, “To be sexually objectified means having a social meaning imposed on your being that defines you as to be sexually used, according to your desired uses, and then using you that way” (329). The preceding quote means that one person mandates the behavior of another individual for personal satisfaction with disregard for the other person’s feelings (Nussbaum 266). Objectification is forced onto women by establishing gender as inherent to sexuality (MacKinnon 318). The fusion of gender and sexuality occurs when dominance eroticized defines the essence of masculinity and submission eroticized defines the essence of femininity (MacKinnon, 318). According to this model, the sexualization of power renders women as objects meant for the gratification of men (Garry
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