Pornography; an Informative

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There is a quote that states, “Pornography is more honest than religion.” But is that true?. According to Psychology Today, Pornography is a sexually explicit material intended to sexually arouse. Pornography is often referred to as "porn" while a pornographic work is referred to as a "porno". Softcore porn refers to pornography that does not depict sexual penetration or fetish acts, while hardcore porn refers to penetration or extreme fetish acts, or both. According to Wikipedia, Erotic films began popping up right after the invention of motion picture, around 1900. The First pornographic movie went by the name Apres le Bal (After the Ball), which showed a young lady getting helped undressed by her maid. (1897) Why do people enter pornography? Is a bad childhood to blame? Daddy Issues? Or is it just a power trip? Well, one of the most well known names in Pornography, Jenna Jameson, notably stated in Forbes Magazine that she first started acting in retaliation to her boyfriend’s infidelity. Jennifer Ketcham, a eight year award winning porn star stated, “I thought it would validate me, so I did nude modeling, the gateway drug to hard core porn. I didn’t realize that validation can come from inside.” An article from the Huffington Post lists a few reasons why a child would consider entering the Pornography business, such as “ Being your child’s friend, and not her parent”, or “Because you never showed her a healthy way to fill the spiritual void that is quintessentially
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