Porsche Case

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Porsche Q+A of group 1 The buying decision process: Need recognition Information Search Evaluation of alternatives Purchase decision and Post purchase behavior Question 1 Analyze the buyer decision process of a traditional Porsche customer. The traditional Porsche customer, follow the first stage 1) Need Recognition. Most of the traditional Porsche customer is a financially successful people who see themselves entrepreneurial. They are highly demanded. They buy the car to stand for their lifestyle. And the customer started 2) information search for the car, most of the customers will draw to Porsche. They admire their Porsche because it’s a competent performance machine without being flashy or phony. 3) Purchase decision: Most of the…show more content…
According to one executive ‘’ we’re not looking for volume; we’re searching for exclusivity, and that’s what’s separates porche from other car company’s. Porche is in its best shape than ever to maintain its brand image with the porche authenticity. Porche created such a remarkable value for its customers with in the years, porche owners drives their car with explicit charisma. extra question. extra question, (MAX) How does porsche aline its product development with future customer wishes in the forecasted economic environment How do you guys think that a brand like Porsche, that’s based on a small group or rich people, can attract more consumers for their brand?

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