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University American College Skopje BRAND MANAGEMENT Porsche case Introduction Creating a brand is one of key things that each company should create and fight for. Creating brand and strong personality is a piece of the chain that one company can’t live without. This is a case where we are going to research and discuss the brand image and maintenance of the brand of Porsche Company. Porsche has well established brand image of a company that produces sports cars with high quality. This brand image was put on test when Porsche Cayenne was realized. Branding is about creating differences. This…show more content…
Not only does a Cayenne customer experience the need to express one’s self, they also have the underlying need to transport more than two people at a time. When the company was planning to realize the new Porsche, one of the marketing directors of Porsche Tim Mahoney announced that with Porsche Cayenne they are planning to broaden their target audience. Porsche Cayenne will still target people that have money because it is a luxury and expensive SUV, but now in their target audience also take part younger couples with small children. Porsche Cayenne is a joint production of VW and Porsche, so Cayenne shares the same platform with VW Touareg and Audi Q7. They all have same platform but they differ in the interior and engines. Different look from the inside and outside but they share the same skeleton which makes all to have same chassis and similar or even same driving characteristics depending on the suspension. Although that these cars have resulted from a joint production they all have different prices. The cheaper is VW Touareg, then next is Audi Q7 and the most expansive is Porsche Cayenne. Porsche Cayenne is about 35-40 % more expensive than VW Touareg. Thanks to the strong brand Porsche Cayenne has a premium pricing. Porsche is positioned on the market as prestigious brand with high quality and that is why its price strategy is right. Lower prize of any of the Porsche cars will totally ruin its image. Porsche is positioned
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